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The United Nations ( Un ) Faces As Much, If Not More...

The United Nations (UN) faces as much, if not more criticism than the WTO. The United Nations is the international peacekeeping organization whose goals are, according to the United Nations Foundation; to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal education, promote gender equality, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, and develop a global partnership for development. The UN has a lengthy list of goals that it wants to achieve, but it is argued that due to the immense size of, and the bureaucratic nature of the organization, that it really does not play an effective role in achieving any of the goals listed above, and instead focuses on more meaningless things. The structure of the UN is a troublesome mess; it is an ever growing entanglement of sub institutions that are overly bureaucratic, possibly corrupt, and slow in their proceedings. The UN is made up of 17 specialized agencies, 14 funds, and a secre tariat that has 17 departments. Western nations see the UN as inefficient, and developing nations see the UN as undemocratic and run by the rich countries. The UN receives strong criticism for its allocation of its resources and money, which for the most part, is allocated to them by member nations. Accounting for inflation, the annual UN expenditure of budgets has roughly increased by 40 times since the 1940’s, and the agreed upon biennial budgets sometimes consist of meaningless salariesShow MoreRelatedTension in the United Nations Over Bretton Woods1224 Words   |  5 Pagesdays on the UN struggled to oppose the orthodoxy of the Bretton woods institutions particularly led by IMF, World Bank on their objectives. One of the reasons for such tension was due to the difference in political base. That is, UN having equal representation of all countries where else Bretton Woods biased to voting system to reflect financial contributors. And not surprisingly, the bank and the fun d reflected the interests and perspectives of developed nations (especially the United States—havingRead MoreThe Environment Where Public Administration Is Being Implemented1490 Words   |  6 Pagesregion faces a disaster if not fixed soon. This epidemic has stopped the development and economic growth in that region. While this is taking place in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, the entire continent is struggling. For developing countries, there is mostly corruption in the government by public officials and therefore it is difficult to have a stable government that can help it to grow. With that being said, Africa has yet to reach the development goals set by the UN (United Nations). It seemsRead MoreCritically Evaluate the Debates Surrounding the Continuity of Bretton Woods’s Institutions. Which of These Institutions Would You Recommend to Be Discontinued? Justify Your Choice.3727 Words   |  15 Pagescontinuity of Bretton Woods’s institutions. Which of th ese institutions would you recommend to be discontinued? Justify your choice. While preparing to rebuild the international economic system after WWII, 730 delegates of the 44 allied nations met in New Hampshire, United States, to form the Bretton Woods agreement. The aim was to set up rules and regulations to stabilize the global monetary system and ensure the free movement of capital goods through a global market. The agreement established two regulatoryRead More Role of IMF and World Bank Essay example1433 Words   |  6 Pagesrepresent paradoxical ideals in their quest to satisfy the needs of both developed and developing nations. These institutions are chartered with helping poor nations but are criticized for their neo-colonial policies. Member nations are all considered equal, but contributions make some more equal than others. Mostly, these organizations are managed by rich nations that usurp the autonomy of developing nations in the pursuit of free markets and economic reform. This paper will examine the roles of theRead MoreWorld Trade Organization - Essay5408 Words   |  22 PagesWORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world’s trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business. The WTOs predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), was established after  WorldRead More The World Trade Organization Where It’s Been and Where’s It’s Going?3434 Words   |  14 PagesIt’s Been and Where’s It’s Going? Even dating back to times of Aristotle there has always been some form of trade and along with trade came rules and regulations. In the time of Aristotle trading took place on a smaller scale and between people much like bartering. In the modern world trade is what makes the world function on a broader and larger scale. We have become globalized as a world and we now are engaged in free trade, among many countries. There still needs to be regulations for eachRead MoreEssay on Globalization: The WTO is Killing People 3025 Words   |  13 PagesSince 2006, more than 500 Bangladeshi workers have died in factory fires, according to Clean Clothes Campaign, an anti-sweatshop advocacy group in Amsterdam. Experts say many of the fires could have easily been avoided if the factories had taken the right precautions. Many factories are in cramped neighborhoods and have too few fire escapes, and they widely flout safety measures. The industry employs more than three million workers in Bang ladesh, most of them women. Activists say that global clothingRead MoreMultilateral vs bilateral diplomacy3287 Words   |  14 Pagesproblem-solving agreements and providing activities to face global problems. IGOs can also be independent actors. Bilateralism is considered the reflection of the distribution of powers between the parties, where the dominant country generally takes advantage, while multilateralism is viewed as relations that follow a pattern of principles. This paper will argue why countries prefer multilateral engagement through international organisations rather than bilateral one with other states. The first part ofRead MoreEssay on Anti Globalization3397 Words   |  14 PagesAlter-globalization movement (popular in France), the Counter-Globalization movement, and a number of other terms. People around the globe are more connected to each other then ever before. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent. International communication is commonplace. This phenomenon has been titled globalization. Not only the term of globalizationRead MoreEcological Concern in International Business6824 Words   |  28 PagesIn this globalization era many industries seek expansion not just limited to their own nation but to go international and seek new market for their products and services. The environmental standards and norms play a significant role in determining the competitiveness of products and goods on the international market. Environmental responsibility is a vital component of a business strategy as it not only helps the environment, but it wins the trust of communities and gains the respect of the governments

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The Theory Of Youth Ministry - 980 Words

â€Å"Simon says, if you’ve lived your entire life in Sioux Center, eat some of this cat food.† Yes, this is in fact a verbatim quote I used when leading youth group a few weeks ago. Believe it or not, this daring venture led an understanding of much deeper concepts than just grasping the repulsiveness that is Purina. Although I would have been perfectly happy to go my entire life without knowing what cat food tastes like, this experience has created a better understanding of the developmental stages. Perhaps the term â€Å"healthy wrestling† would be more suitable expression than â€Å"better understanding.† Even though I can respect and agree with the research of Fowler, Loder, Kohlberg, Erikson, and Piaget, I must hold to the notion that youth ministry should be compatible but not directly correlate with the social sciences of the developmental stages. Surrounded by the bursting energy of forty middle schoolers enthusiastically licking the floor and put ting ice cubes down their shirts, I couldn’t help but wonder if the challenges of my twisted version of Simon Says would have been received with as much fervor in the high school youth group. In the past I have witnessed Ryan use the exact same lesson format for both the junior high and the high school youth groups and as a result became conscious of the different reactions of the two audiences. Being involved in both the junior high and the high school youth groups, as well as occasionally teaching the preschool and elementaryShow MoreRelatedLearning Integration in My Counseling Courses782 Words   |  3 Pageshave learned how I can integrate each of my classes that I have and am presently taking. We will see how my Bible/Theology courses can affect my youth ministry courses, and how each of those courses affect my psychology courses. Lastly, I will put all three together and see how they can be integrated into my own ministry and how they can affect my ministry. In my two years here at Emmaus Bible College I have taken several different theology courses. In these courses we have studied theologies suchRead MoreEvaluation Of A Good Will Church1066 Words   |  5 Pagesconfirmative evaluation is implement skills and standards in the Christian Education ministry. In the Christian Education program, the teachers are not properly trained to study Scripture and evaluate lessons based on pre-develop curriculum, and to prepare their own lesson plans. The adult teachers are volunteers only and they are intrinsic motivated to show their creativity and being enthusing in teaching of the bible among the youth and adults. The organization focus is to evaluate the Spiritual EducationRead MoreThe Country Of England And The United States1199 Words   |  5 PagesEngland as a whole shares many cultural markers with the United States. They struggle with alcoholism, drop out rates, and suicide. The question stands as to what kind of organization would thrive and be able to reach the youth and minister to their needs.What organization can reach youth that are cold to the gospel and isolated. How can we meet the British people where they are culturally and attempt to present the gospel to them? Just like American’s the British love their coffee. In fact coffee isRead MoreYouth Crime And Domestic Violence Essay1599 Words   |  7 Pages Youth Crime and Domestic Violence Name: Institution: Youth Crime and Domestic Violence Introduction Youth Crime has increased in New Zealand and although the prosecution has decreased the issue has attracted the attention of the members of the public. According to data from the Ministry of Justice (2015) the numbers of children between the ages of ten to thirteen and young people between the ages of fourteen and sixteen who are charged in court is lowest in over two decades. NonethelessRead MoreRobert Pierce, Commonly Referred To As Bob, Was Born In1437 Words   |  6 Pagescommonly referred to as Bob, was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1914. In his youth, his family moved to Southern California, where he would stay through college. Pierce went to Pasadena Nazarene College to prepare for ministry. In the mid-1930s, Pierce worked as a traveling evangelist in California. Later, he settled in Los Angeles and got connected with the Youth for Christ movement. He became a full-time traveling evangelist for Youth for Christ in 1947. This position allowed him the opportunity to go toRead Mor eReligion and its Effect on Society and Individuals Essay1603 Words   |  7 Pagesbeen created between scientists and those who strongly believe in their faith while new scientific theories have come to light. Religion is a matter of faith and believing that a higher being has created everything, and just as these religions explain the creation of the earth and mankind, so does science. Though there is greater evidence supporting the evolution of humankind and the big bang theory than there is that supports a higher being creating man and woman, day and night, religious beliefsRead MoreThe Social Milieu Within The Rural Context822 Words   |  4 Pagesdisproportionately impact the least among us in negatively and often harshly. Moreover, by living and working, within the urban milieu I was able to apply the Durkheimian and Marxist traditions, power-conflict perspectives, and organizational theories that brought to light the social theory that I was studying. It was at that time t hrough my mentor Dr. Aaron Porter where I learned to break down the social makeup of urban life as a means to critically engage new theoretical and policy approaches to resolve institutionalRead MoreThe Theories Of Crime Causation Essay1414 Words   |  6 Pages Theories of Crime Causation Dolores Jackson Williams Colorado Technical University Juvenile offender 1. Biological theory states that the individual will have certain traits will be transmitted from parent to children through genetics and not from social learning. Along with the juvenile having similar facial characteristics, which some believe also predisposes them to criminal behavior (Palmerin, 2012). 2. Rational choice theory states that the person will make sensible and reasonableRead MoreApplication Of Constructivist Grounded Theory969 Words   |  4 PagesFollowing the underpinning philosophical perspectives mentioned earlier, the researcher decided to choose qualitative research method, as theories are developed by people involving their routines daily (Flick, 2009). This is very much related to the view of social constructionism view for the research. In order to ensure the research to become rigorous and to achieve the comprehensible objective, qualitative method will be a practical way of conducting research (Tracy, 2010). Studying entrepreneurshipRead MoreThe Health Care Structure Of New Zealand Essay1551 Words   |  7 Pagessupport to the family. This report also contains about theories that are apply to our chosen organizations, where does it fit in New Zealand health care hierarchy and funding of an organization. The main purpose of this report are to identify and understand the health care structure of New Zealand and to assess the importance in delivering health care. In this report you will be having an idea on how the government distribute the budget for Ministry of health and how does the money return to the population

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Architectural Development of Tokyo Midtown, Roponggi Free Essays

The Tokyo Midtown was built between 2004-2007, which is a 101,000 square meter mixed-use development located in Roponggi, Tokyo, Japan. This undertaking design was begun on August 2002 and the building of the undertaking was begun on May 2004 and completed on March 2007. There is a 400-year-old Hinokicho Park within the site was refurbished. We will write a custom essay sample on Architectural Development of Tokyo Midtown, Roponggi or any similar topic only for you Order Now The U.S. Army was stayed in this site as a barrack during World War II, the Nipponese Defense Agency occupied this site after the ground forces left. Consequently, Nipponese Government sold the site in 2001 and Mitsui Fudosan won it. There was an archeological geographic expedition conducted during 2002 and 2003. During the exploring period, over 50 thousand pieces of clayware and two pieces of gold coins from Edo-period ( 1596-1698 ) were found out. The mixed-use development includes office, residential, retail, hotel, museum and leisure infinite. The entire floor country of the development is 563, 800 square metres. There are over 50 % of the undertaking is designed to be unfastened infinite. Tokyo Midtown is located at two chief street roads in roponggi territory, there is a big lawn included in the site. Besides the category A office, residential units, High-end retail and hotel, and the museum, there is 50 per centum of site country are Parkss, place, promenades and streetscapes. In Tokyo, green infinite is merely a private garden or frightened infinite. The definition of green infinite is different from other metropoliss. The green infinite used to be appreciated instead than using. Citizens are non encouraged to utilize the green infinite and public events are non promoted to go on in such country. The primary developer, Mitsui Fudosan would wish to alter this old head of green country and convey the new tendency of Green Park. Thus, Tokyo Midtown was designed to be the new urban oasis in Roponggi territory. Imperial Palace is non merely the largest public unfastened infinite in Tokyo, but besides a good instance to demo the typology of traditional Nipponese landscape. The parkland of Imperial Palace is surrounded by the wall, which isolates the castle from the city’s context. The cultural and historical valuable of the castle was abandoned, that the landscape of castle is cut off by the wall as an island, and there is no associated development next to the castle. This sort of traditional landscape promotes privateness and peaceful instead than connexion between urban context. The developer would wish to present a new landscape typology to the metropolis. His attack is to make a alone sequence of unfastened infinite which is new tendency of connective landscape. The project’s developer promotes a new Nipponese landscape design by making a alone urban motion in the composite. The Tokyo Midtown a welcoming and attractive infinite which can excite the societal and cultural interaction, therefore the life of the topographic point will be activated. This undertaking is an architectural look in landscape which can supply an unfastened and green infinite for events. The historical green infinite Hinokicho Park is portion of landscape and was refurbished. There are chiefly three primary motions for the landscape in Tokyo Midtown. First, the bing park is extended to the newer green countries. Second, there are a series of H2O characteristics begin at the place. Third, the H2O features flow down toward the verdure. There were 40 mature cherry trees preserved from the old site and transplanted on new site. Those trees are used to make a new cherry promenade by linking the entry to Hinokicho Park. There are over 1000s of visitants attracted to here for assemblage and observing the cule of seasons, during the flower season of cherry. In recent old ages, dais type development becomes the chief new typology of large-scale development, particularly in Hong Kong. The advantage of this typology is to supply a convenient and efficient connexion from the upper degree to the mass theodolite by the overcrossing web. However, this typology has been produced less vivacious street life. The functional relationship between edifice and urban street grid has been lost. The public infinite has been separated from the bing vicinity, therefore the development has been isolated from urban street. Tokyo Midtown is a successful large-scale development with dais and tower that diminish the drawback of dais design. It undertakes a more sustainable attack to the new large-scale development. The development of Tokyo Midtown has achieved the sustainable design attack by several standards as below: First of wholly, the development of Tokyo Midtown took the chance to incorporate this new development into the bing countries by making great topographic points which can better the original territory and convey a long-run value. This place-making attack is achieved by advancing the public infinites with landscape. The sense of infinite is created by adding the attractive street furniture and public art in the landscape, such as the exuberant mature tree canopy in the entryway. This canopy can stress the bing site characteristic and heighten the site’s cultural and historical value. The landscape design improves the flexibleness of infinite, so that public and private events will be promoted in order to ease the societal interaction and verve in this topographic point. For illustration, the cherry promenade provides the linkage to the Hinokicho Park and besides a topographic point for assemblage and observing the beauty of the trees during the bloom season. Thousands of visita nts attract by it and travel at that place with a cover, field day, and drinks. The high quality design of Tokyo Midtown activates the bing infinite and brings economic incomes, and reflects the character of the environing country. This mix-used development incorporated hotel, office, residential, retail, eating houses, museum and Parkss. It provides a little community for people to populate, work and bask their leisure clip. Besides, the Tokyo Midtown introduces the prosaic connectivity in both physical and psychological manner. Visitors can see a rich and vivacious walker through sing the tree-lined street and pleasant paseo. The liner of trees refurbishes the bing metro halt and redirects the land rider to the new issue at Tokyo Midtown. The place-making attack is besides strengthened by supplying high-quality public kingdom. It lets broad scope of activities happen in this country. The alone individuality landmarks, the 54 floors Mori Tower has been incoporated in the whole deve lopment which is the tallest edifice in Tokyo. It increases the attraction of the finish. Second, Tokyo Midtown has good integrated with the substructure and the environing conveyance web. It provides a high criterion connexion to the theodolite and improves the connexion between site and environing country at the land degree. Tokyo Midtown is non a undertaking merely concern the spacial quality within the site boundary, but besides to supply the mix-used development with a wider site context and great impact on environing country. Citizens criticize that walled developments issue would be raised as the undertaking with substructure is easy being isolated from the urban due to the hapless integrating of environing. This undertaking includes 5 edifices, a high-end retail, luxury section, category A office infinite, luxury section, medical centre. These 5 edifices surround a skyscraper with 248m tallness. The whole development is good integrated to the next park and the Roppongi railroad station. Roppongi railroad station is a celebrated station along the Toei Oedo Line. To kyo Midtown provides a successful entree to the issue of railroad station through the spacial agreement of the unfastened infinite. There is good public conveyance connexion provided. The Roppongi railroad station is good connected to the public conveyance interchanges within the Tokyo Midtown. The site is rather near the Roppongi Hills development which is less than 0.8 kilometre. The Roppongi Hill is surrounded by the vehicle-dominated route substructure and connects to dais of Tokyo Midtown. The bulk of the borders are connected to the street degree, it breaks down the traditional dais linguistic communication. This undertaking has good integrating between land usage and the conveyance in both physical and societal facets. Sustainable scheme Large-scale development normally bring negative impact on environing country or the wider context, as developer normally merely concentrate on planing the country within the site, the next country may non be their concern. Tokyo Midtown is a large-scale development which has been good integrated with the environing country. The design of this undertaking is base on the sustainable development rules and the urban design guidelines, so that it will maintain integration and sustainable in a long-run period. The resource efficiency and environmental friendly attack is besides adopted in development. The floor country of the whole development is concentrated in one quarter-circle of the site, so that the urban park country can be maximized. There is more than 40 per centum of the site country is designed as an urban park which act as a chief connexion between the site and the community greenway. Tokyo Midtown promotes sustainability at the vicinity and territory degrees, the spacial quali ty of the prosaic environment at the street degree is enhanced. As a consequence, the walkability and the livability within the site country and besides the territory are bit by bit improved. The location and proportion of plan of the whole development is concerned to better the sustainability in environmental, societal and economic facet. There are over 150 stores and eating houses offered in the high-end retail country, 500 luxury residential units, several office towers, a Ritz-Carlton hotel, 800-seat preservation centre and an art museum provided in development, which can profit the territory in societal and economic manner. The big green unfastened infinite which occupies 40 per centum of site country can profit the territory in environmental manner. The unfastened infinite is designed to steer visitant walk from environing streets and pavement to the site. A sense of â€Å"on the ground† is promoted by touching the Earth and nature. There are some position corridors, cr ystalline stuff, Bridgess and plazas visually unfastened and connect to the unfastened infinite in order to take the visitant from the park to the nature. The design of H2O characteristic is to take the visitants to the park and steer them down though weaving tract to the 21_21 Design Museum and the traditional Nipponese Garden. New territory ‘s image Before the completion of Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi was a well-known territory as a dark town. Roponggi was a topographic point which is full of amusement hub and with abandoned traditional vicinity. The developer Mitsui Fudosan would wish to alter the public perceptual experience of Roppongi territory from a dark town to an update image which is a vitalized daylight territory. Tokyo Midtown is a development to supply a balance mix of concern and populating topographic point to the territory, in which the cultural comfortss will be extremely respected. Furthermore, Tokyo Midtown is a hope as concern and economic system resurgence of Japan, it designed to stand for the best feature of Nipponese society by the mixed-use development. The Nipponese authorities treats it as a precedence urban renovation area† . This mixed-use development has integrated with a public park, which promotes an environmental friendly and commercial active attractive force in this territory, therefore it pro fit to the full vicinity and heighten the economic value of Roppongi. To fit with this big green park, the celebrated Suntory Museum of Art was resettlement. Consequently, the green park, museum, Tokyo National Art Center and Roppongi Hill will be good connected. The community park is merged with the bing greenway and connects to those abandoned nearby green infinite such as the gorunds of Tokyo authorities graveyard and a Shinto spiritual shrine. How to cite Architectural Development of Tokyo Midtown, Roponggi, Essay examples

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Dropbox free essay sample

Dropbox was created in 2007 and launched to the public a year later. It was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowski; who were classmates together at MIT in the early 2000’s. The created a product that allows you to sync you computers together by using a cloud to share files between the different computers. At the time of creation there were existing products in the market but they believed that they created a product that would simplify the process as well as make it secure and reliable for the customers. We will write a custom essay sample on Dropbox or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Their plan was to differentiate themselves form their competitors based off these factors. For a customer of Dropbox it allows them to easily and reliably share files between their computers or devices. They believed that the existing products were unreliable and would only allow u to share a certain amount of files. Their product would be reliable and easy to use for the customers. They would also get a free 2G worth of space or could but additional space if they needed to. This is something seen by a few competitors but not all of them. They also created a product that can be used for both business and personal use. Dropbox will do something that also differentiates itself form their competitor. They will use Amazons server to provide the customers space the store files. This will be rented from Amazon and will drastically decrease the amount of money they spend to provide space. Owning their own servers will be costly to purchase and maintain for Dropbox. They also only hired engineers to their company in the early going to be able to continue to improve the technology they are providing. To keep improving their product they offered beta testers the opportunity to test the product and see how they like it. They also listened to their customers after the launched to see what they liked and did not like. This led them to develop a feature of the product that allows the customer to provide feedback to the company. They also observed users using the product to see if it fit the needs of a basic user, which turned out to be very beneficial to the company. Dropbox launched their product in 2008. While the product was still in beta it began to gain customers through various websites and technological competitions for startup companies. This allowed Dropbox to get their name out there to the people who most likely are already using similar products or have the need for this product. When they launched the product they used the freemium business model where they offered free use for up to 2G of space and you could pay a premium for more space. They wanted to grow rapidly in the market to gain as big of market share as possible in the shortest amount of time. They also found great success from word of mouth referrals and viral marketing campaigns. Dropbox’s biggest problem they needed to solve early on was their customer acquisition rate. They found that in the early going to cost about 300 dollars per customer they had pay. This was due to the amount of free space given away to the amount that people were paying for. This does not set them up to be successful financially if it didn’t improve. Dropbox was able to figure this out and lower their costs but utilizing more word of mouth referrals. Dropbox was fortunate enough to have backers that supported their company in the early going with enough money to keep the company going until they could gain the following needed to decrease costs. They have a greater opportunity for profit then most of their competitors because of their use of Amazon’s server instead of buying and maintaining their own, especially with the decreasing rate of renting server space.